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Analyst: 3D Needs 1-2 Years To Become ‘Meaningful’ To Gaming

By June 11, 2010Newswires

Analyst: 3D Needs 1-2 Years To Become ‘Meaningful’ To Gaming

by Leigh Alexander

Although many in the industry are quick to get behind the 3D stereoscopic gaming trend, one analyst feels meaningful adoption is still a few years away.

3D gaming is sure to be a major component at E3 2010 next week, with the expected reveal of the Nintendo 3DS and major pushes from software developers — and in particular, Sony, which is making a 3D gaming push right away alongside the launch of its new stereoscopic 3D-ready Bravia TVs.

But not everyone’s level of 3D enthusiasm is the same; while Nintendo preps a glasses-free portable 3D system and Sony makes 3D a major strategic component in its product line, Microsoft has not yet made major declarative endorsements of 3D, and some analysts wonder just how great consumer demand is.

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