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AT&T Adds ESPN 3D to the U-verse TV Channel Lineup

By June 11, 2010Newswires

AT&T Adds ESPN 3D to the U-verse TV Channel Lineup

AT&T, a communications holding company, has announced the addition of a new ESPN 3D Channel for 2010 FIFA World Cup to its U-verse TV channel lineup.

The ESPN 3D channel was launched with the intention to take sports viewing to a new dimension. Sports broadcaster ESPN has stated that they have been testing the 3D network for over two years now and even test broadcasted the USC-Ohio State college football game in select theaters as well as at the Galen Center on USC’s campus.
With AT&T’s announcement, U-verse TV customers will be able to access the industry’s first 3D sports television network that will deliver 25 2010 FIFA World Cup matches and nearly 100 live sporting events in the next year. The 2010 FIFA World cup begins June 11, 2010 and the other events that are scheduled for ESPN 3D are: the 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby, X Games 16, Winter X Games 15, college basketball and football games and the 2011 BCS National Championship Game.

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