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No 3D gaming for you unless you are very rich

By June 11, 2010Newswires
No 3D gaming for you unless you are very rich
£2,000 to play 3D asteroids

RAGDOLL ABUSE, ASTEROIDS and terrestrial and space based racing games are the first 3D titles for Sony’s Playstation 3, available to download for free with every purchase of an £1,800 40-inch Sony KDL-HX803 telly, the only Sony 3D TV set available from Saturday 12 June.

But don’t forget the active shutter glasses and associated transmitter to go with those specs. All PS3’s can play 3D games says Sony, but to start playing them you will need to dash out and buy the expensive telly and at selected stores the battery powered shutter glasses and the transmitter. Yes, a transmitter to synchronise the telly and glasses polarisation action. Prices for the glasses and transmitter were unavailable and we don’t know if batteries are included. Probably not.

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