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Asus’ gaming study says 3D is not the future

By June 1, 2010Newswires
Asus’ gaming study says 3D is not the future

HUGE GROWTH in online gaming stems not from CPU power hungry first person shooters with photo quality graphics but rather from simple two dimensional creations, such as Facebook’s Farmville, unless you’re with Asus, that is.

In a bizarre leap of logic, Asus corporate vice president Joe Hsieh concluded in his Computex 2010 speech that online gaming can only grow in one direction, super intensive 3D graphics that require enough GPUs to design a thermonuclear weapon. This comes despite his presentation data pointing to social networking games as being the most popular.

Online gaming software revenues alone are expected to grow from $33 billion in 2007 and reach $55 billion in 2014, and Hsieh went on to say that “social games are the new blood” of online gaming.

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