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MSI Debuts World’s First 24 inch 3D Multi-touch PC in COMPUTEX 2010

By June 1, 2010Newswires

MSI Debuts World’s First 24 inch 3D Multi-touch PC in COMPUTEX 2010

The all-in-one PC comes in Home Theater series, Core i Series & all-new Gaming Tower unveiled

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Along with global primary brands, MSI, a global high tech leader and prominent manufacturer in Taiwan to provide innovative and stylish products is present at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 — which known as world’s largest computing products show in AP from June1~5. MSI is displaying an array of breakthrough technologies via a range of prime and conceptual products lines on NB, All-in-One PC, motherboards and graphic cards to showcase 3D, WiMAX and Car PC with MOD system; but visitors turned their focus on MSI world’s first 24 inch 120Hz panel 3D touch screen computer: the Wind Top AE2420 3D.

With accumulated rich experiences in designs and manufacturing on notebooks, all-in-one PCs, motherboards and graphics cards, MSI continuous to follow the company’s motto as “Insist on the Best”, and its brand concept to be “Best in performance Ultimate in multimedia” for bringing the future a better world of better technology living. As the company marks 2010 as “Brand Implementation Year”, visitors are not surprise and expecting innovative and well-designed products from MSI.

There are reasons why MSI 3D AIO PC captured visitors’ attention in the COMPUTEX. AE2420 3D features with amazing specs such as MSI exclusive built-in 3D Station(TM) technology, 3D Shutter Glasses and Hollywood grade sound system, and more important, the 3D AIO PC comes with the latest Intel(R) Core(TM) i series high performance core computing series, full HD high resolution and THX Hollywood-grade acoustic home theater series, all in all could well-suited to various situations and applications including commercial, business, education or at home. Two heavyweight Gaming Tower PCs with powerful hardware specs and dazzling exterior designs are also unveiled to meet gamers’ expectations.

Forged with MSI 3D Station(TM)Technology — MSI 3D AIO PC Experience the wonder of touching 3D images that actually seem real.

MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D is the world’s first touch screen 3D All-in-One that can run touch-operated 3D games. The MSI All-in-One PC product line is a global pacesetter and the first to introduce a 3D All-in-One PC with touch screen functionality. Wind Top AE2420 3D features MSI’s exclusively developed 3D Station(TM) technology combined with a 120Hz high resolution panel that transmits high density 3D digital content to Shutter Glasses. Through precise image processing technology, it uses 3D visual effects that simulate how the human eye views actual images. The Wind Top AE2420 3D comes with MSI’s exclusive 3D Infinity Shutter Glasses and a tailored panel that creates smoother overall 3D picture imaging. MSI’s 3D Station technology can also take 2D images and instantly transform them into 3D images, solving the current shortage of 3D movies. Even DVD rentals or everyday home videos can be instantly transformed and viewed in 3D. Previously, 3D stereoscopic images could only be viewed at a movie theater. Now, they can be viewed in the comfort of your own home. The Wind Top AE2420 3D comes with 3D Infinity (Shutter Glasses) that solve the potential issue of angle deviation when watching 3D movies. This means many people can watch 3D images on one display at the same time — and the big 24 inch display is suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

Intel(R) Core(TM)I Processor — High Performance All-in-One

MSI will also be exhibiting all-new 24, 22, and 20-inch high performance All-in-One PCs with the latest 2010 Intel(R) Core(TM) series (Core i3/i5/i7) processors, namely the Wind Top AE2420, AE2280, and AE2040. With Intel’s intelligent Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading technologies, automatic regulation of processing frequencies and virtual processors are capable of satisfying the needs of the highest performing programs while achieving power efficiency. The built-in Intel(R) Core i processors are high performance models that prioritize outstanding performance to meet demand. With Intel’s newest, most powerful processors and a number of high-end computing technologies, you can carry out multiple tasks at any time. Send and receive email, watch a movie, or manage data on an external device — take advantage of getting twice the results with half the work. Intelligent technologies make life more efficient.

Brand New Gaming Tower PC — Drakon Advent

Designed for world’s most hardcore gamers, msi is presenting Drakon series Gaming Tower PC, featuring Intel(R)’s latest Core(TM) i7 processor and P55 chipset platform; ATI(TM) Radeon(TM) HD 5000 series high-end graphic card with 7.1 THX certified audio output, tailoring a top-notch performance solution for gamers. Drakon series are engineered with msi’s exclusive OC genie technology, automatically detect the optimal setting for the system within seconds. With 80 PLUS certified power supply and CPU water-cooling module to enhance system stability, Drakon series are build to deliver gamers the most engaging, most exclusive, and most exciting gaming experience.

Hollywood-Grade Sound — Home Theater All-in-One

This year, MSI will display a home cinema All-in-One series: the Wind Top AE2420, AE2400, and the AE2260. With 24, 22, and 20-inch displays, the different visual requirements of consumers can all be satisfied. MSI leads the industry as the first to release an All-in-One PC with Hollywood-grade THX TruStudio Pro(TM) audio technology. THX is the standard audio technology used by Hollywood; it’s also a common sound reproduction standard in Hollywood- released DVDs, home theater systems, and high-end car audio systems. MSI is the first to include this audio technology in a PC. So, when users are watching movies or playing games, they can experience Hollywood-grade acoustic vibrations. THX TruStudio Pro(TM) comes with 5 major technologies: TruStudio Pro Surround enhances surround sound, and with added hardware, can produce 7.1 channel surround sound; TruStudio Pro Crystalizer restores compressed music files to their original quality; TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus enhances voices and is useful when studying a language or, when watching movies late at night, when it can still render dialogue that is clearly audible; TruStudio Pro Speaker fills in missing low frequencies and makes it seem like the PC has a subwoofer box installed; and TruStudio Pro Smart Volume can effectively control the volume levels of different music files. The 5 functions of THX Studio Pro(TM) can all be turned off or on, giving users even more choices to tweak sound settings in different acoustic environments. The Wind Top home theater model’s image performance is also extremely impressive. With a 16:9 widescreen display, a Full HD 1080p high resolution panel, and HDMI inputs, images are true and lifelike. Also, the ATI(R) Radeon Mobility series discrete graphics card provides advanced imaging quality and supports high resolution HD image processing, so watching high resolution HD movies or playing 3D games is easy. The picture is vivid and clear, and the colors are rich. It is the optimum PC solution for both dynamic image and digital picture enthusiasts.

Well-Suited to All Kinds of Situations and Applications — Business All- in-One

The All-in-One PC integrates all parts of a computer inside an advanced multi-touch display. For this reason, personal computers will no longer be limited to just personal use. During the COMPUTEX, MSI will unveil a series of All-in-One PCs suitable for different types of commercial, educational, and small business applications, including the 20 inch and 19 inch Wind Top MSI All-in-One PCs that should become first choice for small and medium enterprises. In the home, whether for personal use, home entertainment, or for use as a family PC, you’ll enjoy MSI’s multi-touch functionality along with the rich and intuitive interface of the AP2000/AP1920. The multi-touch operating mode delivers a major breakthrough in how computers are used, and because of this, has spurred the development of diverse applications for use in different business situations. The All-in-One touch screen computer can be used not only as a personal desktop computer; it may also be the optimum classroom tool of the future and thus something the education market needs to experience. At the same time, it’s an art gallery or museum guide’s richest, most intuitive tool, and can even serve as a small, interactive information screen. MSI All-in-One PCs have always emphasized green concepts, reducing carbon emissions through lower power consumption; all business models have received the USA’s Energy Star Mark. On average, each model’s energy consumption is at least 90% lower than a traditional 300W PC, which also lets the All-in-One PC transcend the personal computing category and move ahead to become the best medium for interactive transmission of all kinds of information.

MSI All-in-One home entertainment models shown in COMPUTEX included the 3D AIO with integrated touch screen, the Gaming Tower PC tailor-made for gamers, and the Wind Top AP series capable of capturing the business market with its suitability in a wide range of business scenarios, all fully demonstrate MSI’s intense efforts and outstanding results in system product development. Whether for the fashion-conscious with high audio/video performance requirements, those seeking to make their lives more efficient, professionals seeking a highly functional user experience, or for gamers with strict system performance requirements, MSI system products all provide total solutions enabling MSI to become a focus at this year’s COMPUTEX.

Access MSI’s official website: / for more detailed products and specs.

About MSI

Established in 1986, MIS is a world-class IT vendor. With its management philosophy of “insist on the best,” MSI has built on its many years of experience in motherboard and graphics card R&D and production to expand into new business areas that include notebook PCs, all-in-one PCs and in-car audiovisual systems. As part of the company’s drive to establish itself as a leading global brand, MSI has introduced a new corporate identification system (CIS), which symbolizes its advance into a new era of branded manufacturing. Leveraging its high production capacity, advanced technology, high quality and strong R&D capabilities, MSI is working to establish itself as one of the world’s top ten notebook PC brands by 2010, and as one of the top ten PC system brands by 2012.While emphasizing market development, MSI is also committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, focusing on environmental protection and making a meaningful contribution to society. In March 2009, MSI was ranked by Common Wealth magazine as one of Taiwan’s Top 50 Corporate Citizens, and was also included in Global Views Monthly’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Top 70. In the future, MSI will be maintaining its commitment to CSR, and will continue to adhere to a management philosophy that emphasizes concern for society as a whole and MSI’s role as a global citizen. MSI will be taking practical steps to make a real contribution towards the well-being of the general public, in line with the company’s vision of “Beautiful Lives and Green Homes.”

Any changes to the information provided in this news release will not be announced; MSI maintains the right to modify content within this publication related to technology, images, and/or text.


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