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Should parents worry about 3D?

By May 27, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Should parents worry about 3D?

By Elizabeth Cooney

If you missed the 3-D movie “Avatar” in theaters, don’t worry. New TVs are coming equipped with 3-D mode and video games are also ramping up their graphics to take advantage of 3D’s startling visual effects. But a national eye doctors’ group is concerned about problems behind those funny glasses.

“We think it’s important for parents to understand why 3-D causes visual discomfort, motion sickness, or headaches for some,” Christina Curas, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, said about new 3D TVs and video games.

Exhibit A is a warning released by Samsung last month about watching its new 3D televisions, the group says. Health risks include eye strain, headaches, and dizziness, according to the warning. It advises taking a break from watching if these symptoms occur.

But the chief of ophthalmology at Children’s Hospital Boston isn’t convinced 3D warrants concern. “We see in 3D all the time,” said Dr. David G. Hunter, who is also vice chair of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School. “Our whole world is viewed in 3D, so I am surprised there would be warnings about those things.”

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