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Sony Pushes 3D at Display Week

By May 25, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sony Pushes 3D at Display Week

By Michael J. Miller

3D can be the most important change in the display landscape in our lives, according to Stan Glasgow, President and COO of Sony Electronics, but poorly executed 3D haunts the technology and threatens its success.

Glasgow gave the keynote address today at the Society of Information Display’s Display Week 2010 Business Conference today, pushing 3D technology and Sony’s role in it, which he described as covering the range from the “lens to the living room.”

“Displays and display technologies completely envelope our lives,” said Glasgow, and 3D is most exciting change in display technology he’s seen. For nearly a century, filmmakers have had to depict our 3D world in a 2D medium, and Glasgow described seeing 3D in the 50s but watched it fail because it gimmick. Today’s 3D, he said, is a much more natural environment, from both a biometric and color viewpoint, and provides the “ultimate in lifelike reproduction.”

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