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Split Screen: How safe is 3D TV?

By May 20, 2010Newswires

Split Screen: How safe is 3D TV?

Hollywood is convinced that 3D is its saviour. Consumer electronics companies are also thrilled that they have another marketing tool to sell high-end televisions.

Now game makers including Sony and Nintendo are jumping on the 3D bandwagon.

Unperturbed by the lacklustre reception to their 3D Avatar game last year, Ubisoft this week predicted that around 50 per cent of new games will be 3D enabled within two years.

As I experienced earlier this week, the 3D effect when playing the right game on a high-quality television is very impressive and convincing. But to me it also very quickly becomes uncomfortable, and I cannot imagine wearing 3D glasses for the entire duration of an epic gaming session without feeling very sick afterwards.

Today James “DexX” Dominguez takes a comprehensive look at how 3D technology works, and speaks to one expert who is very concerned at the impact that increasing use of 3D displays might have on our eyes.

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