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Toshiba Develops High-Speed, High-Contrast Active Shutter 3D Glasses

By May 20, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Toshiba Develops High-Speed, High-Contrast Active Shutter 3D Glasses.

Toshiba Creates OCB LCD Display for Stereo 3D Glasses

By Anton Shilov

Toshiba Corp. has developed an optically compensated bend (OCB) liquid crystal display (LCD) panel for stereo-3D glasses suitable for watching stereo-3D television, enjoying stereo-3D movies, or playing stereo-3D games. The new type of panels enable high-speed of shuttering as well as high-contrast and wide viewing angles for viewing.

In this new liquid crystal display panel, suitable for application in a pair of active-shutter stereo-3D glasses, Toshiba has used OCB technology to achieve both high-speed response and a wide viewing angle while maintaining high contrast. Glasses adopting these panels feature high-speed shutter opening and closing, yielding a significant reduction in stereo-3D crosstalk. In addition, the wide viewing angle provides vivid stereo-3D images across a wide field of view, such as in movie theaters and living rooms.

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