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Big 3D TV Shortages Tipped Vendors Forced To Airfreight

By May 19, 2010Newswires

Big 3D TV Shortages Tipped Vendors Forced To Airfreight

By David Richards

Consumer electronics retailers claim that they are expecting “big demand” and possible shortages for 3D- and IP-enabled TVs after three networks – Nine, Foxtel and SBS – announced live 3D TV broadcasts of leading sporting events during May and June.

They claim that some vendors, like Samsung, who have been heavily promoting 3D TVs, may be forced to airfreight stock just to keep up with demand.

According to Scott Browning, Marketing Director of JB Hi-Fi, the decision by TV stations to broadcast live 3D sporting events has caught many retailers unprepared with Browning still looking for answers as to “how the live 3D broadcast will be put to air”.
He said “Stock levels are pretty thin, we know that Samsung has stock and that they are working very hard to keep the pipeline supplied however no one was expecting three channels to announce live sporting broadcasts.”

Mark Leathan, Head of Marketing, for Consumer Electronics, at Samsung admits that demand has been greater than the company anticipated. He said “Consumer demand for this game-changing technology has been greater than anticipated. We are continually improving our stock situation and are confident we’ll be equipped to meet the demand expected across May and June”.

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