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Dude, where’s the 3D content?

By May 17, 2010Newswires

Dude, where’s the 3D content?

By Juniper Foo

Remember when HDTVs rolled off the assembly line, but there was hardly a squeak out of broadcast stations over high-definition programs to watch on your newly minted purchase? While it took a good couple of years for content to catch up with the hardware, it may take just a bit longer for 3D TV to reach that state of synchronicity before consumers can buy or download 3D content for their boob tube.

That’s because of the multiple 3D standards and platforms proliferating the market, which was what put the HD-DVD and Blu-ray format in a stew in the first place (before Blu-ray finally won the day and home movie buffs could heave a sigh of relief).

So what can you expect if you’re planning to own a piece of 3D heaven in your living room? Here’s what we know, so far.

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