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The Future of 3D at Home

By May 17, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

The Future of 3D at Home

If James Cameron has his way, 3D will be the future video format on the internet and at home, not just in a bloated ticket price in your local theater to boost up revenue on a lackluster special effects film.  Speaking at a technology seminar in Seoul (S. Korea, the good one), Cameron makes the bold statement that 3D will replace 2D within 25 years.  That means that everything from the sports you watch at home, the movies in the theaters, and ultimately streaming video on your laptop will be in 3D.  I think I have a pretty good idea of what you’re thinking right now, you’re probably wondering either “how is that going to be even possible” or even “what does this have to do with horror?”  Well in this editorial, I have no technical details on how this is going to happen, and I’ll relate it to horror later on, so be patient.  The first thing we should talk about before anything is what needs to happen from a consumer standpoint, before I start spending thousands of dollars on a new entertainment system.  Think of this as more of a statement from a concerned public.  Sure, we all want awesome technology that only immerses us in the experience more, but we’re not going to accept it till the following issues are addressed.

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