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Is 3d Worth the hype?

By May 17, 2010Newswires

Is 3d Worth the hype?

By Priyanka Joshi

The next time you go shopping, try this: Walk into an electronics store and ask for a demo of 3D (three-dimension) TVs. This request will not only draw the store manager’s attention but will also ensure that all your queries are answered with utmost politeness — in the hope of converting you into a buyer. This is because 3D TVs fall in the super-premium sales category. Selling a single product to you can cover a large part of the sales target of any store.

3D in your living room
Having recently made their entry into the market, 3D TVs are not expected to sell in huge numbers like liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs anytime soon. But, then, they are the ‘Bentley’ of this category and they don’t need a mass frenzy to support manufacturers.

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