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TV enters the fourth dimension

By May 9, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

TV enters the fourth dimension

No, unfortunately not a revolutionary new time machine built in to your TV but an evolutionary step in the direction of more sensory stimulation as part of the viewing experience.

Even though most of us have not yet had the chance to become used to the idea of 3D in the living room, we are not to far away from even more sensory stimulation involving our sense of smell and ability to perceive movement.

In some South Korea cinemas you can already feel your chair sway back and forth as you experience the various aerial perspectives during the film ‘Avatar’ and even feel a cooling breeze as the action moves to some of the open landscape scenes.

The BBC have been experimenting with various forms of sensory interaction for some time, notably the integration of audio with movement inducers built in to home furniture. In fact, you can already buy items such as the aptly named ‘ButtKicker’ sofa and the ‘Soyuz Chair’

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