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3-D video gaming is coming, but at what cost?

By May 6, 2010Newswires

3-D video gaming is coming, but at what cost?

By Larry Frum

(CNN) — After the rush by audiences to Hollywood 3-D blockbusters “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” game designers and developers are hoping to strike gold with 3-D gaming.

Today’s best games, already immersive experiences thanks to large-screen TVs and sophisticated graphics, could become even more intense in three dimensions — imagine “God of War III” in full, bloody 3-D glory. So far, however, the video gaming industry has proceeded cautiously.

The big three console makers are taking different routes to 3-D. Sony has already pushed out software changes to allow games in 3-D on its PlayStation 3 system. Microsoft said it also can do 3-D on the Xbox 360 but prefers to wait, while Nintendo, maker of the Wii, is going small with its 3-D gaming plans.

Panasonic and Samsung recently introduced home 3-D television systems, and Sony is prepared to issue its own 3-D TV models next month. Other TV manufacturers are close behind.

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