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3D television with all guns blazing

By April 26, 2010Newswires

3D television with all guns blazing

By Stuart Kennedy

THE little alien with the big gun pointed his weapon straight at me and I laughed out loud as the barrel poked out of the TV screen by what seemed about a metre and menaced my son and me seated on the couch.

Welcome to 3D TV, a technology set to warm up the top end of the TV market in coming months and probably become a standard TV feature over the next five years.

The gun barrel occupying our lounge room came from a scene in the animated feature Monsters Vs Aliens, one of the few 3D titles on the market so far.

3D TV sets are also scarce. After a few delays, Korean maker Samsung has landed the first 3D-capable TVs on the Australian market with the cheapest 101cm model retailing for $2899 and the top of the range, 140cm LED 3D Series 7 model, reviewed here, going for $4799.

The bill for getting into 3D doesn’t stop with the purchase of a set.

A whole new 3D-capable Blu-ray disc player is required, with the Samsung unit used in this review costing $599. Existing Blu-ray players can’t be upgraded to 3D but there is good news for owners of the Sony PlayStation 3 games console/Blu-ray player, which can be wrangled to play 3D movies with a free downloadable upgrade promised when Sony launches its own 3D TV range in July.

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