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3D Is Comin’ at Ya!

By April 23, 2010Newswires

3D Is Comin’ at Ya!

No, these TVs won’t be cheap. Yes, you’ll need the glasses. What to look for as the first sets hit stores

Ready or not, 3D TV is here. Sets from Samsung and Panasonic are already arriving in U.S. stores, and Sony, LG, Vizio, and others will join the fray in coming months. Despite 3D’s success in movie theaters, it will be a while before we know whether it turns out to be must-have home technology or just a fad.

On behalf of those with more curiosity than common sense—and we know who we are—I went to B&H, the landmark New York electronics store, to figure out the right questions to ask when you hit the stores yourself. My 3D sherpa was Kevin Landry, a B&H salesman who’s so into this stuff he scored an early Samsung from Korea months ago, which he’s been using to view content off the Internet. Here are some of the questions he’s bracing for:

Do I have to wear the glasses? Yes, whenever you watch 3D content. And you can only use glasses made for your particular TV brand. The sets work by sending signals that control shutters in the glasses, and there’s no standard yet for how that happens.

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