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A new dimension in entertainment

By April 19, 2010Newswires

A new dimension in entertainment

3D TVs go on sale this week and are tipped to jump off the shelves, writes David Flynn.

So you finally took the plunge on a wall-filling flat-screen TV set, swapped the DVD player for a Blu-ray deck and strung expensive HDMI cables between them. “That’ll last me for years,” you thought.

You’d better be sitting down before you read any further because 3D TV is here – and it’ll represent a whole new raft of upgrades.

The good news is 3D tellies are surprisingly affordable for what’s touted as the “latest and greatest” in home entertainment. Perhaps that’s out of sheer necessity to prise open wallets and purses once again.

Samsung releases Australia’s first 3D TV this week, with its LED-LCD 7000 series starting at $2899 for the 101-centimetre (40-inch) model. The mid-size 116-centimetre (46-inch) screen sells for $3699, with a 140-centimetre (55-inch) panel perched at $4799.

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