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3D TV is here, but content is not

By April 19, 2010Newswires

3D TV is here, but content is not

By Melissa Singer

In the world of television, content is king but in 3D land it’s looking more like the court jester.

The first 3D televisions went on sale on Friday, but it will be several months until programming catches up.

The football World Cup will be beamed to international 3D viewers in June and July, but SBS is yet to finalise its plans. Pay TV network Foxtel has said it will begin test broadcasts next year.

For now, early adopters have to be content with watching 3D movies on Blu-ray or using a converter on some models to regular content to 3D. But the quality is inferior to made-for-3D content, Mark Leathan, head of marketing consumer electronics for Samsung, said.

He predicted 3D sets would account for 10 per cent of television sales over the next year and people who buy now are ”future prepping” themselves for the content onslaught.

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