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Sony 3D TVs available for the first 3D World Cup

By April 15, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sony 3D TVs available for the first 3D World Cup

15 April 2010

Four compelling reasons to join the 3D revolution and make your first 3D experience a Sony one:

·         Affordable Sony 3D TV “BRAVIA” HX800 launch model
·         Free 3D stereoscopic game titles for PlayStation®3 (PS3™) with all Sony 3D TVs
·         Exclusive Blu-ray 3D™ movies  bundled with selected Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray players
·         The most comprehensive range of 3D Blu-ray Players and Home Cinema Systems available


Sony today reconfirmed its pre-eminent position at the forefront of 3D with the announcement of a unique high-value 3D offering that draws on the strengths of Sony’s unique ‘3D World’ expertise in consumer electronics, movie making and gaming.

Confirming that Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray players would be available in stores in June, in time for the first FIFA World Cup to be filmed in 3D by Sony and FIFA, the company announced a package of products, services and free content, comprising four compelling reasons for consumers to make their first 3D TV experience a Sony one. Pre-orders will commence in the near future. Dates may vary by country.

Best Value
Sony 3D TVs – BRAVIA® HX800 launch model and 3D accessories
Reinforcing their intention to make the excitement of 3D accessible to all consumers, Sony announced the introduction of the HX800 series 3D TV that will offer 3D cinematic capability with outstanding consumer value and will undoubtedly set the benchmark for stylish, technically advanced yet affordable 3D compatible TVs. The HX800 launch model will be followed within weeks by additional models in Sony’s 3D TV line-up.

Sony’s very latest 3D technology will naturally be included in all new BRAVIA 3D TVs. Built upon Sony’s very latest 200Hz high frame rate technology that allows viewers to see 3D in full High Definition 1080p1 fidelity, the High Definition 3D image is further enhanced with the inclusion of ‘High Speed Precision2’, ‘LED Boost3’ and ‘3D Up-conversion4, three technologies unique to Sony and designed to make the 3D image even clearer and brighter and the 3D experience even more exciting.

Free 3D stereoscopic game titles for PS3 available with all Sony 3D TVs
With the launch of Sony 3D TVs, PS3 users are in for a treat as 3D stereoscopic gaming really comes of age. Timed to complement the launch of the HX800, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will release four 3D stereoscopic PS 3 game experiences5 through the PlayStation Network, available as a free collection to purchasers of BRAVIA 3D TVs.  The promotional 3D stereoscopic game experiences include something for all the family, from the visceral excitement of WipEout ®HD and Motorstorm Pacific Rift  to the wry humour of PAIN, through to the family friendly fun of Super Stardust™ HD6.

Exclusive 3D Blu-ray disc movies bundled with selected Sony 3D products
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Deep Sea Blu-ray 3D™ discs will be bundled with select Sony 3D products. Additionally, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Blu-ray 3D™ will be sold separately at participating retailers.

In Germany, we are pleased to announce Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs will be the first new release Blu-ray 3D™ title in the marketplace, coinciding with the film’s 2D Blu-ray Disc™ debut there on June 1st. Release dates in other markets around the world will be announced shortly.

Affordable 3D glasses and Transmitter accessories
Sony’s 3D glasses, using active shutter technology to deliver full High Definition 3D are designed for both comfort and stamina, with flexible and adjustable side arms and nosepad  and a choice of colours to allow a stylish and comfortable fit for everyone. Smaller pink and blue glasses are available for people with smaller face such as smaller children, and with a battery life of approximately 100 hours7, and an auto shut off function, Sony’s 3D glasses will allow you to enjoy the 3D action for longer.

3D Blu-ray Players and Home Cinema Systems complete the 3D Home Entertainment picture
Designed to complement the new Sony 3D TV models, Sony can lay claim to the most comprehensive range of 3D Blu-ray Players and Home Cinema Systems available.

Already in-store is the highly affordable S470 “3D ready” Blu-ray Player. Bringing full HD 3D Blu-ray disc playback, a 3D firmware update will be released in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D TVs in early June. The S570 model, coming hot on its heels in early June, will be the first with 3D playback out of the box.

Spearheaded by the BDV-E370, Sony’s complete range of Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems this year is also “3D Ready”.

Sony’s 3D Credentials and the World Cup
In another demonstration of Sony’s long standing experience and expertise in the creation of professional 3D technology and content, Sony and FIFA recently confirmed that they would be filming 25 matches in the FIFA World Cup™ in 3D.

Complementing the 3D live broadcasts and a series of public viewing opportunities around the world, the general public will also be able to enjoy the 3D promotional trailers for each of the 25 games, shown on Sony 3D TVs in around 1,300 Sony-affiliated retail stores and flagship stores throughout Europe. . Furthermore, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has unveiled plans to release the official 3D FIFA World Cup film on Blu-ray 3D™ during 2010.

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