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3D, a protection against piracy: Chris Brown

By April 12, 2010Newswires

3D, a protection against piracy: Chris Brown

Daybreakers and Bait producer Chris Brown believes 3D serves as ‘protection’ against piracy, which should be encouraging for filmmakers.

“When Daybreakers was the second most downloaded film, Avatar was the sixth, and that’s hugely encouraging because more people really want to see it in 3D and fewer want to download it,” Brown told Encore.

Brown’s 3D shark film Bait is currently testing its production methods and will start shooting in May. The producer says the team has been in touch with the creators of Sanctum, which is also shooting in Queensland, to share specific technical issues and techniques.

“We’re moving along quietly and with an enormous amount of attention to detail. This is a very large 3D film, very complicated technically with a large underwater element. It’s hard enough to do an action picture without 3D, and here you have to discuss how to shoot the action sequences because it’s very different when you look at something in 3D, when it’s coming at you. It’s the perspective and positioning, and where the eye goes within the frame. We’re learning thing things that are natural in terms of making a film.

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