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Samsung and LG battle it out over 3D TV

By April 9, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Samsung and LG battle it out over 3D TV
Both World Firsts

By Carolyn Green

Samsung recently claimed to have released the “world’s first” HD 3D LED TV in Korea. Three weeks later LG announced that it too had released its own alphabet soup, “world’s first” HD 3D LED TV. So which one was the real McCoy, and who was simply telling 3D porkies?

LG, of course, claims its version is unique, being the only LED TV in the world with the bulbs situated right behind the LCD panel, compared with Samsung’s “edge lit” only version, where the bulbs are situated around the television’s perimeter. So in a way, both have “world firsts,” but in their own special marketeering ‘unique’ way.

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