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3D TV to face global test in soccer World Cup

By April 9, 2010Newswires

3D TV to face global test in soccer World Cup

LONDON (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of soccer fans are likely to get their first taste of live 3D viewing during this year’s World Cup, the vast majority of them in cinemas rather than at home, according to football body FIFA.

Together with partner Sony, FIFA plans to supply 25 World Cup matches in the immersive 3D technology made popular in cinemas by blockbuster movie Avatar and expected to spread to living rooms around the world this year.

Viewers with 3D television sets who live in a country where the broadcaster with World Cup rights also has 3D capabilities will also be able to watch live in 3D at home — if they are not put off by the need to wear special glasses.

Currently, Disney’s ESPN in the United States, Prisa’s Sogecable in Spain and Korea’s SBS have live 3D rights. More such deals are expected to be announced “shortly,” FIFA’s TV Director Niclas Ericson said.

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