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Samsung UN55C8000 Review

By April 7, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Samsung UN55C8000 Review

Among HDTVs we’ve reviewed, the UNC8000 series is the first 3DTV, the first edge-lit LED-based LCD with local dimming, and the first example of Samsung’s Apps for TV platform. It has the company’s best LCD picture quality specs for 2010, packs in more features than ever before, and yet manages to measure just under an inch thick. As you can imagine, it doesn’t come cheap.

The verdict? We haven’t been able to compare the Samsung UNC8000 to any other 3D TVs in the lab, and until we do, our evaluation has more caveats than an ad for allergy medication. That said, 3D on this TV (with this firmware version), though definitely an impressive technology demonstration, won’t satisfy videophiles, and at times even made us feel queasy. We’ll take 2D Blu-ray for now, thank you, although we’re interested to see how non-animated 3D Blu-ray content looks on this set.

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