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10 best 3D TVs in the world today

By April 4, 2010Newswires

10 best 3D TVs in the world today
Make sure you buy the best 3D TV this year

By Jamie Carter

Our constantly updated list of the best 3D TVs in the world

Slip on a pair of £100 3D glasses, nestle in front of a brand new £2,000 TV and switch on a £350 3D Blu-ray player and you’re unlikely warm to the notion that 3D is merely an illusion.

It’s created by your brain processing two separate images coming to it via your eyes, and while this stereoscopic approach can be done relatively cheaply, the big manufacturers have plumped for a rather expensive format that relies on rather clumsy, heavy glasses.

It’s called Full HD 3D, and, to be fair, it’s the best form of 3D currently available.

We’ve seen the demos; Full HD 3D might sound like a very expensive hobby for now, but if it’s movies you’re into then it’s your best hope if you’re at all interested in the third dimension.

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