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Forget Avatar, the real 3D revolution is coming to your front room

By April 3, 2010Newswires

Forget Avatar, the real 3D revolution is coming to your front room

3D printers are transforming how the world of design works – within minutes drawings can be turned into a prototype model, slashing costs but also giving consumers the power to become manufacturers

By Paul MacInnes

3Dis this year’s buzzword in Hollywood. From Avatar to Clash of the Titans, it’s a new take on an old fad that’s coming to save the movie industry. But with less glitz and a degree less fanfare, 3D printing is changing our vision of the world too, and ultimately its effects might prove a degree more special.

Thinglab is a company that specialises in 3D printing. Based in a nondescript office building in east London, its team works mainly with commercial clients to print models that would previously have been assembled by hand. Architects design their buildings in 3D software packages and pass them to Thinglab to print scale models. When mobile phone companies come up with a new handset, they print prototypes first in order to test size, shape and feel. Jewellers not only make prototypes, they use them as a basis for moulds. Sculptors can scan in their original works, adjust the dimensions and rattle off a series of duplicates (signatures can be added later).

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