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3D or not 3D: Worthington a fan in small doses

By March 30, 2010Newswires

3D or not 3D: Worthington a fan in small doses

In the world of film, 3D is the latest buzz word – thanks largely to the overwhelming success of James Cameron’s Avatar.

The other next big thing in Hollywood is Australian actor Sam Worthington.

Worthington trod the red carpet in London overnight for the premiere of his latest blockbuster Clash Of The Titans.

The film’s release was delayed so it could be converted to 3D.

Cameron has criticised this approach as a marketing afterthought.

Worthington, however, has no problem with filmmakers using 3D technology – as long as it enhances the story being told on the big screen.

“Jim showed you with Avatar, it immerses you in a world. If used correctly, we can get lost. That’s what movies are,” Worthington told the ABC’s London reporter Rachael Brown.

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