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3-D or not 3-D

By March 29, 2010Newswires

3-D or not 3-D

‘Maybe in a few years it will be better’

By Vito Pilieci

OTTAWA — The first 3-D televisions are coming to Canada, giving consumers the opportunity to bring the much-hyped technology home with them.

But a number of browsers at an Ottawa-area Future Shop on Friday didn’t have a clear vision of what all the fuss is about.

“It looks OK, but it’s not what you expect,” said Seyon Cumarasamy.

“Especially after seeing Avatar. I can’t even say that’s 3-D (pointing to the TV screen). Maybe in a few years it will be better.”

Another customer, Wes Schacter, thought the 3-D effect was novel but not mind-blowing.

“It certainly gives you a little more feeling of depth. But, nothing is coming out at me,” said Schacter.

Schacter said that at the current price, which is more than $1,000 higher then a high-end LCD television, many consumers may choose to take a pass on the new sets.

“It’s still a lot,” he said. “I would consider purchasing it, but I would want to wait for the price to come down.”

Fresh off the boost created by blockbuster movie Avatar, 3-D technology is garnering an epic amount of buzz.

Sony, Panasonic and LG are taking pre-orders for their 3-D sets in Canada. The TVs are expected to ship later this year.

Samsung is the first to offer the groundbreaking sets for sale in Canada, having exclusive arrangements with Future Shop and Best Buy until mid-April.

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