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It’s here: 3DTV debuts in Canada

By March 25, 2010Newswires

It’s here: 3DTV debuts in Canada
But your eyes might also pop at the price of admission

By Marc Saltzman

Just as 3D films have taken over movie theatres — with record-breaking blockbusters such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, and Clash of the Titans around the corner — televisions capable of displaying three-dimensional images in high-definition are making their living room debut this week.

On Friday, Samsung will be the first out of the gate with its line of 3DTVs, with five LED edge-lit LCD models that range in size from 40- to 55-inches (and prices from $2,500 to $4,000), followed by plasma models up to 63 inches next month.

Other TV manufacturers have also announced plans to launch 3DTV, including Panasonic, in May, followed by Sony, in June. LG, Toshiba and Sharp also have 3DTV models coming, but have not confirmed a 2010 debut.

These new televisions, which can also show 2D programming, are also ideal for 3D video gaming (beginning with the Sony PlayStation 3 this summer) and 3D sports broadcasts. In fact, at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Disney’s ESPN announced it would launch a 3D channel this summer, in time for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, while Sony, IMAX and Discovery Communications (which owns the TLC and Animal Planet networks) will also launch a 3D channel.

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