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Three reasons to buy a 3D TV, but don’t believe them all

By March 24, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Three reasons to buy a 3D TV, but don’t believe them all
3D TV maker Panasonic has plenty of pitches. Which make sense?

By Chris Gaylord

Panasonic’s Touch the Future Tour swung through Boston this weekend. Designed as something between a store and a gallery opening, the “tour” showed off the Japanese gadget giant’s new line of HD cameras and TVs.

The display, which was in a mall and open to the public, demonstrated some impressive gear – a camcorder that identifies specific faces, HD video from a D-SLR camera, Skype video chat built into a TV – but Panasonic turned the spotlight on its 3D TV.

The company launched this plasma model two weeks ago. Excellent timing. Just a few days earlier, “Alice in Wonderland” became the latest 3D movie to top the box office. “Avatar,” the most successful movie ever, still pulls in millions of dollars a week. And 17 new 3D movies are scheduled to arrive this year.

Hollywood’s extra dimension has no doubt conquered movies theaters. But will its next stop be our living rooms?

Panasonic’s smiling tour guides had several reasons why Americans should buy a 3D TV. Not all of them hold up.

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