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Is 2010 the year for 3D TV, games and movies?

By March 23, 2010Newswires

Is 2010 the year for 3D TV, games and movies?

Hardware makers and content creators hope so…

The future is here – and it’s looking pretty. I’m sitting in a darkened room at Sky’s HQ in West London, peering through a pair of polarised glasses at television’s next evolutionary step – 3D TV.

In front of me is a 46in JVC 3D TV displaying a show reel of Sky’s best efforts in the brave new world of 3D entertainment. It’s impressive.

The action appears to be happening an inch or so behind the razor-thin bezel of the TV, then telescoping off into the distance. There’s a real sensation of depth.

With Sky’s Senior Product Development Manager John Dollin, I watch clips of a Champions’ League game, a boxing match featuring Ricky Hatton and a spot of rugby. The ball zooms into the screen from the corners and the players run convincingly in front of the distant stands.

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