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Content crucial for uptake of 3D TV

By March 23, 2010Newswires

Content crucial for uptake of 3D TV
By Grant Shepherd

: According to research carried out by the Consumer Electronics Association, a large proportion of consumers are considering purchasing a 3D TV in the near future. It seems the availability of 3D content is still the major obstacle for adoption.

According to the CEA and Entertainment and Technology Center at the University of Southern California, 67 per cent of those planning to buy a 3D-enabled TV within the next three years said they will be more likely to buy if they can received and watch 3D television programs through an antenna, cable, satellite or fibre-to-home.

The majority highlighted that the primary reason they would buy a 3D TV is to watch 3D movies. 65 per cent want to watch movies in 3D, 36 per cent want to play 3D games and 33 per cent want to watch TV in 3D.

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