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Maybe there won’t be a 3D format war

By March 22, 2010Newswires

Maybe there won’t be a 3D format war
Comment It seems we can all just get along after all

By Ian Williams

have been a staple part of audiovisual progress since the second film was made, but this time round it looks like the whole mess might be avoided.

While we all remember Blu-ray versus HD-DVD and most of can recall VHS versus Betamax and a handful might have been around when Cinemaxcope was battling against a wide variety of competitors, it seems that the current move towards 3D isn’t going to fall into the same trap, despite the various emerging standards.

According to Bill Foster, an analyst at Future Source, although 3D cinematography has been around for over 100 years already, this time it’s set to take off, predominately thanks to the present level of available technology.

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