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Tim Burton`s Alice still in US box-office wonderland

By March 15, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Tim Burton`s Alice still in US box-office wonderland
Disney`s 3D extravaganza is the first 2010 release to cross $200m in North America, as latest MPAA figures show that 20 3D movies accounted for 11% of US box office last year
by Jeremy Kay

The winner
Over the past 13 weeks all the hyperbole in box-office circles has been reserved for Avatar, so it would be remiss not to praise the achievements of Alice in Wonderland. After less than two weeks in release, Disney`s fantasy has already crossed $200m (£133m) in North America, becoming the first 2010 release to do so. It is also single-handedly propping up the box office: thanks to Alice`s commercial heft, box-office revenues are running about 9% ahead of the same period in 2009 – which, lest we forget, was a record year. Incidentally, combined with its international run, Alice has already amassed more than $420m worldwide.

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