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Filmmakers at SXSW explore whether 3D is gimmicky or golden

By March 14, 2010Newswires

After ‘Avatar,’ filmmakers at SXSW explore whether 3D is gimmicky or golden
by John Egan

In the wake of the blockbuster success of “Avatar,” is 3D a marketing stunt or an entertainment enhancement in moviemaking? Filmmakers at a panel discussion March 13 at South by Southwest disagreed on the answer.

Director Ruben Fleischer said “Avatar” changed the way we see movies. 3D elevates the entertainment value of films, he said. In fact, Fleischer said the sequel to his recently released “Zombieland” is being planned with 3D in mind.

“I don’t find it gimmicky unless you make it gimmicky,” Fleischer said of 3D. “I think it’s just a cool way to make it more entertaining.”

Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who screened parts of his new “Predators” at SXSW, said he’s a big fan of 3D. He said fans should see movies that embrace 3D technology, like those produced by Pixar, rather than flicks made by “ambulance chasers” who exploit 3D.

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