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Samsung: Our 3D Blu-ray Player Does Work

By March 12, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Samsung: Our 3D Blu-ray Player Does Work
by Kevin Parrish

Samsung`s 3D Blu-ray player passed certification despite previous reports of incompatibility.

Yesterday Samsung sent over an email in response to our article about its current 3D Blu-ray players not working. The story centered on 3D Blu-ray movies functioning incorrectly on the players–movies that were ready for mass production and have not yet hit the market.

Supposedly the Blu-ray players were incompatible because they were shipped before the final certification specs were released by the Blu-ray Disc Association. The previous report also stated that the players were on sale at Best Buy, and that Samsung may need to recall the stock while providing a firmware upgrade plan for current customers.

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