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3D TV gets ready

By March 11, 2010Newswires

3D TV gets ready
Analysis Lots of 3D TV products are coming
by Spencer Dalziel

THIS WEEK has been a big week for 3D TV announcements. On Tuesday, we attended a Samsung press event and were given a demo of its full HD 3D TV and, despite some caveats we`ll address, were suitability impressed. And yesterday, Sony unveiled its aggressive 3D TV business strategy to the Wall Street Journal. Then, late Wednesday afternoon, LG entered the 3D TV fray with what it claims is a complete package for the UK with a May launch date.

While Sony is playing 3D catch-up with Samsung, LG and Panasonic, it intends to increase its TV shipments by 70 per cent and deliver more than 25 million 3D TVs in the next fiscal year. With Samsung already selling 3D TVs in South Korea since last month and Panasonic due to launch next week in the US, are we 3D ready yet?

As answers always are to questions like this, yes and no. There`s no doubt that some of the new technology is visually very good. Samsung is bringing the first 3D TV LED technology to the European market with an array of products. It`s offering 3D LED TVs, 3D LCD TVs and 3D Plasma TVs, a Blu-ray Player and a Home Theatre System. Samsung also announced a content partnership in late February with Dreamworks SKG to 3D-ify the studio`s CGI-based films like Shrek, Monster and Aliens. According to the WSJ, Tim Baxter, Samsung`s US president, said orders for its 3D TVs on Amazon were strong and he believes the 3D industry will sell between 3.5 million and 4 million 3D TV units in the US this year.

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