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Wall Mounted TV Owners Set To Be Hit By HDMI 3D Dilemma

By March 9, 2010Newswires

Wall Mounted TV Owners Set To Be Hit By HDMI 3D Dilemma
by David Richards

Thousands of flat panel TV owners, who installed wall mounted TV`s using a 1.2 or 1.3, HDMI cable to connect to a media or Blu ray player, now, face the prospect of having to spend hundreds of dollars stripping out the cable HDMI from behind walls if they want to upgrade their TV to 3D.

The problem, which is caused by the introduction of new HDMI 3D technology, which allows high speed 3D movies to be played to a 3D TV, will force many TV owners to upgrade their HDMI cables if they want to experience 3D TV from a Blu ray disc, or 3D media player claims Len Wallis the Managing Director of Len Wallis Audio in Sydney.

"We are well aware of the problem and the magnitude of what we face if a customer wants to upgrade to 3D. It is not the long run cables that are a problem because in most cases we have used Cat 6 Ethernet cable to connect between devices. This cable is then connected with a HDMI cable which is easily accessible. It is the cable that has been plastered into walls and voids that is going to have to be replaced".

"We are literally weeks away from there being 3D TV`s in the market and right now we don`t have a solution to the problem" said Wallis.

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