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TV Industry Needs a Standard for 3D Glasses — Now

By March 9, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

TV Industry Needs a Standard for 3D Glasses — Now
by Jeff Bertolucci

After months of buzz, 3D television has officially arrived. Panasonic on Wednesday will launch its new series of 3D-enabled HDTVs at Best Buy, a move that`s part of a united industry effort to bring three-dimensional entertainment to your living room.

Samsung may already be selling 3D TVs — and if not, it will shortly. Sony is gearing up to launch its 3D-ready sets as well, and other vendors are sure to follow. 3D Blu-ray players are arriving too, as are channels of 3D programming from ESPN, Discovery, DirecTV, and other content providers.

Not So Fast, Four Eyes

So 3D is ready for its close up . . . right? Well, maybe not. While the industry players have hammered out technical standards that allow many 3D-ready components to work together — any 3D Blu-ray player should work with any 3D television, for instance — they haven`t established one for the new type of 3D glasses that work with the sets.

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