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Top-5 new products of CeBIT-2010

By March 7, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Top-5 new products of CeBIT-2010

Monitor SeeFront 3D

The company introduced SeeFront 3D monitor, equipped with a patented technology autostereoskopy. The appliance is based on the use of technology to transform the video images, perceived by the human brain as a three-dimensional. Typically, the effect of several lost if the viewer changes the position of the head relative to the screen, but developed by the manufacturing company Spatial View technology SeeFront 3D allows you to get rid of this blemish. On the upper edge of the monitor cabinet are two miniature video cameras that capture the position of someone sitting in front of the monitor information for the fraction of a second analysis of embedded processor and video signal at the input of the monitor is adjusted. Price device is not yet known.

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