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Arqiva mulls 3D transmission options

By March 7, 2010Newswires

Arqiva mulls 3D transmission options
by Andrew Laughlin

Arqiva has discussed possible future options for delivering 3D broadcast services over the UK`s digital terrestrial television network.

In a speech yesterday at the Digital TV Group Summit, Arqiva head of technical development Mike Brooks said that there are "lots of different" ways to bring 3D to the home.

However, he focused on Plano-Stereoscopic 3D, which involves bringing 3D pictures to flat 2D displays by delivering images for the left and right eye to be viewed with specialist glasses.

Viewers can either use passive 3D glasses, which are cheap but require expensive TV sets as the polarisation is done on-screen, or active glasses incorporating mechanised shutter technology, which are more expensive but use cheaper sets.

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