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Will 3D change cinema for ever?

By March 7, 2010Newswires

Will 3D change cinema for ever?
Our top bloggers in the field discuss whether the success of Avatar heralds the beginning of a new wave of movie-making

Akin Ojumu
Film editor, the Observer

James Cameron`s Avatar, the biggest box-office draw in history, is up for nine Oscars at tonight`s Academy Awards. But how much of its success is due to the fact it was shot entirely in 3D? We talked to top bloggers to discuss what the technology could mean for the future of entertainment.

Adam Woodward
Web editor,

Last Friday, I sat down to watch Tim Burton`s Alice in Wonderland in eye-smacking 3D. During the more frenzied action sequences, I was left disoriented and, moreover, frustrated at the lack of clarity. By and large, I enjoyed the film, but I found myself wishing it had been presented in good old-fashioned 2D. Watching Alice made me realise that aside from Avatar, which I`ll happily admit was an iris-evaporating sensory assault that left me cooing, there are very few 3D viewings I`ve actually enjoyed because of the extra-dimensional "enhancement".

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