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Batman: Arkham Asylum 3D

By March 5, 2010Newswires

Batman: Arkham Asylum 3D
Interview: Rocksteady gives CVG the story on its GOTY edition…
by Tim Ingham

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of 2009`s most celebrated titles – so it`s little wonder publisher Eidos is readying a Game Of The Year edition for release later this month.

Standard fare, right? Well, not quite.

As revealed on CVG yesterday, this particular GOTY comes will fully functioning 3D – which will no doubt tempt a whole bundle of gamers back to witness Joker tormenting his captors.

Here, CVG quizzes Sefton Hill, boss of developer Rocksteady, about the release, the game`s lasting appeal – and the small matter of Arkham Asylum`s upcoming sequel…

So… Why 3D, and why now?
It`s an exciting new area and we thought it would work really well for Batman. I saw the tech just as we were finishing up Batman and I was immediately excited by it, especially as it worked on both console platforms and didn`t require people to buy any new kit.

The opportunity came up for a Game of the Year Edition, so we decided that we wanted to add something special that everyone could enjoy rather than just a re-release with new box art…

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