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`Metro 2033` gets 3D version on PC

By March 5, 2010Newswires

`Metro 2033` gets 3D version on PC
by Andrew Laughlin

THQ has confirmed that 4A Games` forthcoming first-person shooter Metro 2033 will get a 3D version on the PC.

Speaking to CVG, THQ head of global communications Huw Beynon said that the high-end 3D game is a "love letter" to hardcore PC players.

"If you are a core PC gamer and you`re wondering where all the love`s gone when your PC games are just a slightly higher-res version of what`s on the console, then I`d say 4A are writing a love letter to you and doing absolutely everything to make the PC version phenomenal," he said.

Beynon claimed that 3D gaming will focus on the "niche" hardcore PC community in the short-term, but could expand with the next wave of TV and console technology.

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