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Glasses-free 3D HDTV in five years?

By March 4, 2010Newswires

Glasses-free 3D HDTV in five years?

3D HDTVs have just gone on sale, but they may be as obsolete as a gasoline-powered car in five years.

The powers that be are already working on glasses-less 3D, aka autostereoscopic 3D, with standards expected to be set in around three years with another two years or so for commercialization. So we could have 3D with no glasses by Christmas 2015? We`re in!

Here`s how it might work:

There are two distinct developing technologies for glassless 3DTV — the 3D video codec and the plasma/LCD display — that have to merge to create a new autostereoscopic 3D ecosystem.

Current 3D is encoded using an extension of MPEG-4 H.264 AVC called MVC (Multiview Video Codec). MVC fuses two nearly simultaneous HD "views," one for the left eye and one for the right. Overlaying these two synced "views" using active shutter glasses creates the perception of 3D depth.

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