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Digital Cinema Building Momentum as 3D Drives Market

By March 3, 2010Newswires

Digital Cinema Building Momentum as 3D Drives Market

There are 16,405 digital cinema screens around the world, an increase of 86.4 per cent on 2008, with further growth to come in 2010 as digital 3D pushes the market towards a 35mm-free cinema sector. This means that 14.8 per cent of the world?s modern cinema screens are digitized, and 9,000 are also equipped with digital 3D (55 per cent of total digital screens). The eventual and inevitable conclusion of full digital cinema will take the best part of another decade to complete, although some countries will be all-digital well before then.

Progress has been especially rapid in Western Europe, with French d-screens growing 277 per cent during 2009 and are now approaching 1,000 (959 at the end of 2009), the largest market in Europe. At the end of 2009, there were 4,580 digital screens in Europe, up from 1,547 in 2008.

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