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Sharp Projectors To Bring 3D To Your Home

By March 3, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sharp Projectors To Bring 3D To Your Home
by Mendelson Tiu

Sharp announced that it will be releasing two 3D-ready projectors in May. The new projectors can display images up to 300-inches and can also be used for traditional 2D content.

Sharp`s Deputy Managing Director, Denis Kerr, said, "Home theatre enthusiasts are expected to embrace 3D as they look to bring the 3D experience, currently found in the cinema, into their homes.

"3D requires a big screen to give viewers the full effect and that is what Sharp can offer to households across Australia. Only a Sharp projector with up to a 300-inch screen size can produce the cinema-like experience that 3D viewing deserves," added Kerr.

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