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Spotted at Olympics: 3D photography in action

By March 2, 2010Newswires

Spotted at Olympics: 3D photography in action
by Stephen Shankland

The 3D era is coming to movies and video–but it appears the world of still imagery won`t be left behind.

Stereography, in which two cameras take photos simulating the perspective of two human eyes, has been used to create 3D imagery since the 19th century. Russ Beinder spotted a more modern approach at the Olympics, with a photographer using two modern digital SLRs conjoined with a Sports Illustrated-labeled rig.
A photographer at the Olympics bearing the 3D camera rig

Judging by Beinder`s photograph at Flickr, the camera appears to have two higher-end Nikons attached together, the left one upside-down, perhaps to keep the image sensors closer together like human eyes. It appears the two 24-70mm lenses` zoom control rings are linked with a belt-and-gear device to keep them in step.

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