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LG Display chief forecasts strong year

By March 1, 2010Newswires

LG Display chief forecasts strong year
Market demand for LCD panels is likely to be higher amid signs of global economic recovery, consumer interest
by Jung-Ah Lee

Kwon Young-soo, chief executive of LG Display Co., the world`s second-largest liquid-crystal-display maker by revenue after Samsung Electronics Co., recently discussed the outlook for the flat-panel industry this year, where the company sees the industry heading in terms of technology and his vision for the company.

Mr. Kwon, 53 years old, previously served as chief financial officer of consumer electronics maker LG Electronics prior to joining LG Display in January 2007.

Jung-Ah Lee in Seoul recently spoke with Mr. Kwon at the company`s headquarters. The following is a translation of the interview.

WSJ: What`s the outlook for the global LCD market?

Mr. Kwon: There are a lot of positive signals on the demand side. The global economy is showing signs of a recovery and there`s booming interest [for consumer electronics] especially with sporting events such as the Olympics and the upcoming World Cup soccer games.

Market demand for LCD panels will likely be slightly higher than previously expected. Although inventory levels at some TV set makers seem to be slightly higher than normal levels now, overall inventory isn`t large after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Factory utilization rates at some LCD makers in Taiwan and in Japan haven`t reached 100%, so it seems like it will be a pretty good year for the industry.

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