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FIRST LOOK: New Samsung 3D Skype TV Very Impressive

By February 27, 2010Newswires

FIRST LOOK: New Samsung 3D Skype TV Very Impressive
by David Richards

Samsung Australia is set to be the first TV vendor to deliver 3D TV with retailers like Harvey Norman set to mount an" onslaught" marketing campaign in an effort to attract consumers into a new generation of TV`s. A big attraction is their new Skype service which allows households to make cheap video and voice calls.

The local subsidiary of the Korean giant has confirmed that they will be the first vendor to give away the hit movie Monsters Vs Aliens with their new TV range in Australia as reported by SmartHouse earlier this week.

The high end of the new Samsung range, include both plasma and LED models that are 3D enabled, they also have Internet connectivity and Skype technology built onto an embedded processor, which allows families to communicate via live video feeds. They are also Internet enabled with an array of widgets that deliver a variety of content from the likes of YouTube and other content providers.

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